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Stress Relief, Pain Relief, Recovery

Massage is an excellent remedy for pain, stress, and relaxation. But what exactly is a “therapeutic” massage and is it what you need? Many of the terms in the massage industry are confusing. Let’s use “sports massage” as an example. If you ask two therapists what this means, you may get two different answers. To complicate it even further, if a client comes in and asks for a sports massage, they may have a completely different definition than the therapist does. The same can be said about most types of massage out there. It can depend on where the massage therapist was trained, who trained them, etc.

At The Massage Connection, we use the term “Therapeutic Massage” to describe our sessions because we believe it to be an umbrella term that can include many different techniques. Do you need to relax? Therapeutic massage is for you. Are you in pain? Therapeutic massage is for you. Are you stressed out? Therapeutic massage is for you.

Our therapists are highly skilled and trained in many different techniques. We will deliver a massage session that fits exactly what you’re looking for. By asking the right questions, we determine what kind of pressure you’re looking for; if you’re having chronic pain; acute pain; high levels of stress; or if you’re simply looking to relax.

How many times have you tried booking a massage and been faced with a menu of choices that confused you? Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports, etc? This is our way of making it easy for you. Just book your appointment by length of time and we’ll take care of the rest.

60 minutes ... $95

90 minutes ... $130

120 minutes ... $180

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