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Therapeutic Massage

At The Massage Connection, we use the term “Therapeutic Massage” to describe our sessions because we believe it to be an umbrella term that can include many different techniques - deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point, sports massage, etc. Do you need to relax? Therapeutic massage is for you. Are you in pain? Therapeutic massage is for you. Are you stressed out? Therapeutic massage is for you.

Our therapists are highly skilled and trained in many different techniques. We will deliver a massage session that fits exactly what you’re looking for. By asking the right questions, we determine what kind of pressure you’re looking for; if you’re having chronic pain; acute pain; high levels of stress; or if you’re simply looking to relax.

How many times have you tried booking a massage and been faced with a menu of choices that confused you? Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports, etc? This is our way of making it easy for you. Just book your appointment by length of time and we’ll take care of the rest.

60 minutes ... $95

90 minutes ... $130

120 minutes ... $180

Prenatal Massage

In a prenatal massage, the mom-to-be gets all of the benefits of our therapeutic sessions. The differences come in the form of accommodation; allowing you to lay on your side; use of pregnancy pillows; etc. Pregnancy massage is thought to have additional benefits as well:​

  • Stabilizes hormone levels = Mood booster, increased energy & relaxation

  • Reduces swelling in hands and feet, encourages proper blood flow which decreases feelings of pooling blood or fluid.

  • Allows you to feel more comfortable in your own body.

  • Addresses pelvic instability and sciatic flare-ups

  • Helps with pregnancy insomnia

  • Decreases chronic pregnancy related migraines

  • Opens up area under rib cage to make room for growing baby.. AND SO MUCH MORE!

60 minutes ... $95

90 minutes ... $130

Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a massage technique used to reduce swelling and pain after surgical procedures. It's also known to reduce overall recovery time and allows patients to be more comfortable during the recovery process. Light pressure and strokes are used to encourage the flow of lymph material to be filtered out of the body.

It is thought that Manual Lymphatic Drainage encourages this process and is especially beneficial to those who are recovering from surgery in the following ways:

  • faster recovery times

  • more comfortable recovery experience because of a reduction in pain

  • reduction of swelling in some patients

  • reduction of bruising in some patients

  • is thought to be particularly effective in plastic surgery patients

30 minutes ... $60

60 minutes ... $95

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