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The Massage Connection is NOW HIRING!

We're looking for talented massage therapists to join our team. If you're wanting to make a change for the better, here's what it's like working with us. (Experience recommended but not required) :

  • Our therapists are highly independent

  • Small business allows for a more personal experience for our clients

  • On-Site training

  • Large rooms to work in. Feel free to stretch out!

  • Full 60 and 90 minute sessions with 15min between clients - plenty of time to flip the room and take a breath before your next appointment

  • Ability to rebook your own clients, which increases your revenue potential (which increases your pay!)

  • Room to grow in the company 

  • Competitive pay after a 3 month trial period is successfully completed

Ready to apply?

  1. email your resume to

  2. call 214-432-0650 and ask for Erin 

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